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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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and this was last night. >> ♪ >> did you watch the country music awards? we'll have all of the big moment, the fashion, and the drama, from the cma awards. we are rocking out on this thursday morning. >> there actually was some drama blake shelton, miranda lambert with in the same room. >> awkward. >> what's the number in seven. >> love it. >> here you go, up the elevator, pop it on floor seven. great job there. we do have some clouds, we have some fog. we have some showers out there this morning, so bus stop buddy has the umbrella, just in case you get rained on. not much out there. but it look like we've lifted our dense fog advisory, that just happened. but the rain is still with us. northeast philadelphia, looks like we are getting little bit of rain, new castle county, delaware, chester county, and good portion of montgomery county. including norristown, we saw dave kinchen with the umbrella
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little bit earlier. so we have 58 degrees right now. calm winds. we've had some fog around this morning, 72 degrees, should be our high temperature. and eventually, getting some sunshine in here. haven't gotten rid of the rain just yet. but it won't be much, bob kelly, just enough, maybe, to make a mess. >> and it is already made a mess, exactly. we've got the rain, we've got the fogment problems on a bunch. of the major roadways, the schuylkill expressway running slow here, westbound, out toward gulph mills. that's all because after accident on the westbound side right before you get out to king of prussia. you can see the roads are wet here. but, leaving the city right now, between the boulevard, through the curve, all the way out to gulph mills, looking at about 45 minute trip, trying to get out toward king of prussia. so, again, in the neighborhoods, where we have those leaves that will fall, and that's where we'll get things will get little tricky here, westbound on the pa turnpike, disable, right near the ft. washington interchange, that's causing delays. hey, hoo took 95?
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here is a live look at the fog that's casino of laying over i-95, and now we can actually see the glare on the road surface. obviously the rain coming in, will lead to delays at philadelphia international airport. if you are headed down to the airport, check with airline, certainly, pat your patience if you are going down there. mike and alex being back to you. >> back to this small plane crash. single engine plane tipped off from northeast philadelphia, head today new hampshire, crashed off breezy point new york, in ypd officials tweeted these photos, after the plane plummeted into the waters off the breezy point. a man's body was pulled from the water. and they believe that he was the only one on board, the pilot. the plane was believed to be head today new hampshire. we'll have live report in just a few minute. >> well, developing story in montgomery couldn't two, people shot to death at apartment in norristown. >> you're on sandy street, right? >> reporter: we're on sandy street, 700 block, park place apartments behind me here.
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police just took down the crime scene tape. we do know that two bodies were pulled out of here, hauled away by the coroner's operation. let's go to some video right now, when the police tape was up, the cops were here, investigating, montgomery county district attorney's office, also, out here, probing this closely, the guys in suits that don't really talk much, really at all, but they look at everything out here. and speaking of looking at everything, they were look at a vehicle, going to the second piece of vehicle, piece of video, a car that was parked across the street there covered in police tape. we don't know what role that car plays in this case. but, just across the street here, two bodies found victims suffering from multiple gunshot wound, according to version, possible domestic situation, but as we come back live here, we still don't know what caused all of this. we don't know who these victims r we do know montgomery county investigators being
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tight-lipped about this. i think they tend to be when things are still fresh. but this investigation has been going on since 11:30 last night. so as we get more details, we will update you throughout the day, guys? >> thank you for that, somebody shooting paint balls at people. >> affecting little kids. ten year old boy in the hospital. paint balls can got lent after football field in second. that's the power it shoots out of these guns. that gives you a sense of the force that you're hit with specially when hit with a paint ball from just 10 feet away like this little ten year old boy was last night. for some reason out with his father, and 13 year old brother at 11:30, walking on the streets. , and k and luzern, june at a as soon as they hit the sidewalk a green honda drives by, somebody in the rear passenger seat if the back, on the passenger side is firing three shot, from a paint ball
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gun from the street, hit the kid in the face, next to his eye. his eye, black eye swollen. lucky he didn't lose his eye, which woe have done had this paint ball hit him another half inch away. he is okay at st. christopher's hospital. this second case since sunday in our viewing area, where little boy was hit by somebody firing a paint ball gun from passing car, and it happened over in mt. laurel, sunday, where somebody, in another four door sedan, hit four people, this five year old boy in the back, 56 year old man in the driveway, and two teens in the sidewalk. now, cop over here told me today just matter of time before one of these knuckleheads firing his paint ball gun gets mistaken for pointing real gun out after car, then somebody with a real gunfires bullets in self-defense, thinking they're getting fired at, and they think somebody is trying it kill them. so let me kill the other guy first. soso paint ball gun, it is not real a fun little game when shooting out of a car, can get you killed or you could actually do some serious
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damage. that's why the cops say if they catch this guy, they're going to charge him like they were firing real gun with aggravated assault, one of the most serious charges you face, ten to 15 years if convicted. >> all worth a paint gun? steve, 7:06. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will attend a closed door meet being potential leaks into jerry sandusky child sex abuse case. kane will answer questions and she will be under oath, she says, she already told a judge she has no knowledge of any emails, detailing leaks in the sandusky setting. >> day two of jury deliberations in federal fraud trial of sat a fattah, jr., they say fattah bill being hundreds every thousands of dollars civil role banks, irs and the school district every philadelphia. fattah says those charges are politically motivated. hey, lauren, what do you have over there? >> hey, mike, phillies three major news pup cases massive cuts, media network says it
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will layoff some 50 journalists and other workers from the inquirer, daily news, and yesterday, employees were given 30 days notice, the layoffs will go into effect on december 4th. the newspaper guild told philly magazine they plan to challenge some of those layoffs. and, the city next mayor, jim kenney, wealth dollars this after news broke, kenny wrote my heart goes taught those laid off from, the inquirer and the daily news today, our reporters make filet better place. >> kraft time says it will close its lehigh valley plant and six others across the country, the company announced yesterday, it is also cutting 2600 jobs, the upper macungie plant is one of seven shutdown over the next year, to two years. this next story, it is pretty disturbing, pitiful found dead hanging from neighbor's fence by its its own leash tuesday morning hours after she and her two puppies went went missing from their logan home. pennsylvania spca calling the hanging deliberate, but unclear who did it or why. the puppies still missing. >> folks living in lower merion township request
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willing the actions every police in two separate incidents, involving minorities. first, they arrested innocent man, fit the description of robbery suspect, the other involved two teenagers, who were stopped in the wealthy neighborhood going door-to-door, shoveling snow. >> had the description then, a white male in a business suit walking down the street, and that person was stopped, would they have been forced to their knees? >> the police superintendent says the department is hearing these concerns, and they are work to go improve the relationships in those communities. mike? >> lauren, another day, another idea of what happened to that russian plane. officials in the united states, yes, were involved now, the united kingdom believe a bomb brought down that russian jet, that crashed in egypt over the weekends, killing everybody on board. the united states says it intercepted isis
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communications, that suggest a branch of that terror group planted the bomb on the plane. plaque box still being analyzed britain suspended flights to and from the red sea resort, where the flight originated. egyptian officials call britain's flight ban an over reaction, but here is a problem with this story. the reason why there is so much confusion. it happened in egypt, it was a russian airliner, it was made by the french, and it was owned by the germans. and they are all investigating, and so are we, and so is britain now. >> for sure we will be learning more. >> okay, let's get out to breezy point just off breezy point, a plane crash, the flight originate in the northeast philadelphia, robert most asks there in breezy point. what have you learned. >> the plane crashed mile and
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a half off the coast of breezy point. i want to show you picture, tweeted out by ncpd special operations it, shows, wreckage in the water, the picture appears to be part of the tail, as well as wing, the plane went down, off the coast of breezy point, at about 7:50 last night. huge response ensued, both on land and in the water. police say man's body was pulled from the weighter. no word on any survivors, at this point it, does not appear there were any. according to flight aware. com the flight departed philadelphia 6:53 last night, believed to be going to new hampshire, that's about three hour trip. in fact that same plane made the same trip from new hampshire to philadelphia the day before. the tail number on the plane, corresponds to single engine two seter. it has range of about 1,000 miles. it is registered to a man who lives in rye, new hampshire, but again we want to be clear, police have not yet released the name of the deceased so we don't know if the man whose
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body was recovered actually owned the plane. we did check the weather conditions in this area last night. we looked at kennedy airport, which is not too far away from here, and we found that visibility was good, the wind was out of the west southwest, right around 5 miles an hour, so on the surface it doesn't look like weather played any role, even though this morning it is quite foggy out here. semple has been suspended at this hour, still no word yet on when or if it will resume. >> back to you. >> you know, you mention jfk, because at any on the same coastline there. would it be unusual for single engine plane to be that close to jfk? >> i don't think so. the faa said they did not have any report of missing aircraft. we heard from some witnesses, who spoke to some of the publications here in the city, who saw the plane coming down fairly steep angle, 40 degrees angle off the coast. so it could have just been,
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you know, catostrophic, last second thing still agreement know what caused it. if i do learn significant -- >> robert i know you mentioned there is you believe again they haven't released the name of the gentleman. we do believe he was the only one on the plane? >> that's correct. two seter, and we've not heard anything about any survivors, so at this point, we believe only one person was on the plane, and he unfortunately has passed away. >> robert, great job. >> thank you, robert. >> boy, at an angle like that, seems like he lost power, fell out of the sky. 7:12. >> well, there haves been two more football related deaths this week. that bridges the total number of deaths to nine, and that since judges september. family decided to take him off life support. collapsed during game tuesday night his family says that he suffered brain trauma shut solve blood flow to his brain, woe have turned 18 next month. >> high school football player. >> ohio, nine year old football player died after
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collapsing during practice. >> nine? >> nine years old. coach noticed him on the ground, while the team was running sprints. he died at the hospital. the local sheriff's offers is investigating that death. >> speaking of football games. >> you know they bring out the big flag? >> and they salute the people who serve, our troops? >> now people calling it case of patriotism for profit. explain this? >> accused of playing professional sports teams to do these types of honors, the pentagon, to honor our american soldiers, they pay them to do. >> this you have seen it before. they come out, they wave the flag, we all make sure we salute them. football games, baseball games, all every those, they are recognized. we don't think it is a bad thing, we love they do this. critics say it is attacks pair funded marketing gimmick. you are going have to train this. >> and how much money are we talking about? >> talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, guys, not they paying them, it is us, right, the taxpayers. this all came to light after
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arizona senators released new report. millions every dollars in toll going to major league teams to have path tree attic moment. national guard paid more than $650,000 to the new england patriots for the true patriots promotions, so the money went to other nfl teams, nba, major league baseball, all involved in. >> this in fact, the phillies took nearly $50,000, with money going toward ticket for military members. >> a loft good things professional sports do honor the men and women who serve in the military. but these millions of dollars are not acceptable. >> the white house says the pentagon and the sport franchises have denied receiving specific amounts every monday i from the federal government, for things such as sign and, the singing of the national anthem, and then the welcome home wounded warriors event we see all over different leagues. lawmakers calling on sports
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franchise that is have accepted those tax dollars for those military tributes, to donate the proceeds to charity. >> i don't minds giving away the tickets? >> what do you mean? they are paying for tickets, you are not giving them away. >> the own of the franchise, his or her purview, group of owners to give tickets away to ballgame for the nuns, the military, whom ever, right? >> but when you are getting dollars from the federal government, to make these patriots i can displays, that's whole different ballgame. >> yes, yes. i thought they were doing it, right thing to do, to honor them. >> i had no idea paying for those things, chris, sue, what's up? >> we got to 8 degrees yesterday. can you believe? and didn't break the record. the record for the fourth was 81 set in 1974. record still stands, because lot of people enjoyed t we told you yesterday there would be some showers moving
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through, indeed they are. you see them in the philadelphia area. in montgomery, bucks, in delco, new castle county, you get the idea, steadier rain, the case for the rest of the morning. dense fog advisory lifted but visibility still pretty bad. only 2 miles, at philadelphia international airport. fog lingers this morning, eventually some sunshine to get us to 72 degrees. and then, one more day in the seven's, and that's tomorrow. now, friday's record high is 79 degrees. set in 1948. we could get close to that with the high of 77, then the chill comes over the weekend. sixty-three saturday, 56 degrees on sunday, by veterans day, them, we warm back up to the 60s, bob kelly? >> crawl balls every accident, south on 95, a crawl because of the volume.
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now accident southbound near allegheny avenue. which is in the construction zone. so we are bumper to bumper from northeast philly on down, into allegheny. west on the schuylkill, almost an hour, to make it from the boulevard out to gulph mills. accident involving dump truck, box truck, two other vehicles, all started right when the rain started to hit out here in montgomery county. west on the pa turnpike, again, slower than normal, accident near ft. washington, but lock at this, 51 minute to make it from philly over to king of prussia. west on the schuylkill, close to hour from center city all the way out to 476. who is hungry? >> i am. >> me. >> let's go, breakfast, irish style today. you may remember the chocolate shop, redo, now mckenna's kitchen irish style. so out to darby road, 9:00 to 10:00. bring the kids on by, bring your appetite. good stuff. >> what makes it irish style? what will there be?
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>> irishmen ooh, bankers and mash. >> irish coffee? >> you know that. i may not be coming back. >> delaware county roads are wet, and also the fog to deal with this morning, mike and alex back over to you. >> let's do some sports. let's do it. >> the sixers, do they win? >> no, still not undefeated have, not won a game. totally defeated. sixers last night taking on the bucks, close game all night, the sixers young stars, shining, jewel yo oak fer led with 21-point, he is a good player, common. new orleans noel had a double double, 17 points, 12 rebound but in the end bucks too much they win the game, 91-87. the sixers will go for first win of the season tomorrow, in cleveland, yes, they'll play the calf, and labron james again, except this time, it is on their home court. >> twitter account, in every game, they say, did the sixers
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win? they go no, no, no. >> okay, well, going to the eagles, weaver big game, this sunday night. my goodness. we go to dallas take on the cowboys. >> sam braid forward played better, but something that plagued the team was a lot of dropped passes, coach talk about it yesterday. come on, wide receivers. sam spoke about the team's production if the first seven games. >> when you look at the way pea played over the first seven gays, you know, been a lot of good things that we've done. i think we shot ourselves in the foot time times. think wife ' said that after, you know, several of the games. we're got to find a way to eliminate the self-inflicted wounds l we do that we're pretty good offense? shooting themselves in the hands, too. you know him from spiderman,
7:20 am
actor on good day told he's cool. >> i love him in the 70s show, i know more of throw back, but in new movie truth about dan rather's resignation. now the movie called truth. so, we will get the secrets from the sets. >> really? >> and then, don't you love girl scout cookies? >> i real dow. >> here is the thing (your favorite box will cost you more, next year. >> okay. >> lottery numbers.
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
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>> does open at 8:00 a.m. at h and m. >> looks like they're closer to the door. >> goes 16th, sansom, all the way to walnut st. we have some movement. >> are you walking over to them? >> special designer they're craving. >> balancemeh. goes over over a thousand dollars. >> oh, the doors are opening. security guard going back in. >> because he loves the
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outfit. the cost of girl scout cookies going up. what do you think about that. >> okay. we have to talk about netflix, helping out parent, first starting with girl scout cookies, how much more? >> cookie. >> five bucks. >> what? >> five bucks. but not everywhere. but in most places, boston, massachusetts, the prices are going up, they're already, go figure, los angeles, hollywood, levelly hills. >> any word about philly or jerry? >> doesn't say here, if the council's in philadelphia or in pennsylvania. and the new jersey area raising prices but i bit they will. the reason they are doing in? los angeles, san diego, hawaii already have done the increases, part inflation, the other part just easier, give the girl scouts a 5-dollar bill, you don't have to make the change. but, i always forget the name of t it is the coconut one, with the chocolate, the worse for you health wise. it has got all of the trans fat in the universe in one cookie. >> sim owe a? >> is that the sim owe a. >> i lover those.
7:25 am
i go nuts for those. so the girl scouts will by the way get 90 cents per box, as opposed to the olds price, like $4.60. only got 62 cents. so, $5, you get your cookies, inflation, as well as 90 more sent. >> going up quarter to $5 a box. >> two, $5, yes. i don't think anybody would pay five bucks for girl scout cookies unless made with real girl scotts. >> how to say no it them. they're so cute. talk about netflix. offering some smaller or shorter videos from parents? >> the next time your kids are pleading with you, just five more minute for sleep. you know, before bed time, you can say okay, because netflix is launching dino trucks five minute favorites as opposed to negotiating with the kids and let them watch 20, 30 minute tv program. they can watch five minute video there is just went live. and the other thing they surveyed 7,000 parent
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world-wide and found 61% of parent have kids, no brainer here, who stall to go to bed. but 79% of the parent are too long compromise. another alternative besides the five minute video, watch the presidential debate on the fox business network. >> that will put to you sleep. >> thanks. >> no, should be pretty good fireworks shall donald trump will be there of course, doctor carson. >> it will be great debate. go to fox business. com/channel finder, find where the fox business network is on your cable system. >> perfect, thank you, adam. >> have you heard about this increase in the pocket cents, not that it is such a big deal, gone up 25 sent, jen with the cat lynn community choir. >> good morning, jen. >> if i'm in delaware county you know i have to talk to andrew mccarthy, all right, show me your cowardly lion. let's go. >> ♪
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>> if i were king of the forest, not king, not duke. not prince. >> all right, come on back, we will tell you all about this gate choir. always doing so well. high five. see you guys in a little bit.
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>> check your medicine cabinets, almost flu season, the supplement you should be
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stocking up on today. >> and let's go back live, to 16th and chestnut streets. they're outside of the h and m store, looks like they're getting little wrist bands to go in. >> the door open? looks open for some reason. maybe not. >> came out to give them wrist bands, going in in groups. the line stretches almost down to samson now. started raining so some people looks like they took off. >> anthem umbrellas, if they were spatter. >> certain designer they all want. >> is it men and women? apparently i see a loft guys. all right, go to open the door. >> big umbrella that guy has. >> my goodness i want that. wow. >> i could cover the whole city. >> it is amazing. >> man. >> very nice. >> that's the kind every guy that walks by, you get one of the little prongs in your eye. >> you don't know who will move over on your sidewalk you. >> selfish little -- all right, exactly 7:30. >> top stories, weaver big story that is casino every
7:31 am
turned national now out of philadelphia. >> yep, investigation, into a plane crash, that happened off of the breezy point section every queens, new york. but they were coming, from philly, northeast philly. nypd special operations tweeted out these photos, a man's body was recovered last night, the small plane reportedly took off, from philadelphia, and was headed to new hampshire. and they say that the pilot, all they haven't released the information about who exactly he was, lives in new hampshire. so they went from new hampshire to philly then coming back, to new hampshire from philly and that's when the plane went down in the atlantic. >> getting to montgomery county police in norristown are investigating a deadly double shooting. it happened along sandy street 11:30 last night. not clear what led to the shooting so ongoing investigation. >> and this story really took off. all across the country. >> tme certainly all week. >> that's right, complex magazine drug for important, headline about local boxer, named youth solve mack.
7:32 am
>> a week ago story exploded in the media. he is 35 years old, father of ten. claims he was drugged and forced into doing gay porn. then ended up on train back to philly with $45 in cash ma bag. but mack told much different story to quincy harris, and quincy joins us now. >> how are you guys doing? >> good. good. >> i don't see you guys. >> i know. >> good to see you here. >> before we get into this, he is 35. >> yes. >> he has ten kids. >> ten kids, two grandkids, and one on the way. he is 35 years old. he has been a grandfather since he was 31. >> and one every his kids is 23. so he had a kid at 12? >> yes, about to turn 23, yes. >> and then -- >> yes, 13. >> so story first came out, people thinking wow this sounds like it is such an interesting story. how could this be true? >> can we be honest? when it came out people thought he was lying, come on there is story it sounded too unbelievable. how do you get to the bottom
7:33 am
of it. we talked. i said come on, we got to really tell the people what's really going on here. and you know we talk. we had a good conversation. we aired it last night. and he finally told his truth. >> well let's hear it again. >> what do you want to tell the people? >> i'm gay. >> okay. >> i'm tired of living, you know, it is what it is, i lived my life. i'm gay. >> how long have you known? >> about, well, eight years. >> the whole story concocted of you were drugged, that storey? >> i told a lie. >> it was all a lie. >> all a lie. >> i tried to cover myself up. >> how many tapes have you done? >> just one. >> now, this was the only tape that came out? >> yes. >> only? >> yes. >> do you remember everything that happened? >> yes. >> walk us through that, i guess, that whole ordeal? >> you know, one day, you know, manny just didn't want to come out, when it came out, you know, it was out and i
7:34 am
couldn't -- i couldn't hide it no more. i was down and out. i asked friends, did i what i had to do. >> take us to the moment when you found out that this tape was out, that you actually saw the tape? what was that feeling like? >> i was hurt. like to myself, i was thinking about my children, how am i going to explain this to my children, you know, i got -- i called couple of my friend, i said i'm thinking about killing myself. they said listen, i called the witness, i said i'm thinking about killing myself. he came right there, he said, i'll come right there, he came to be me, been tight ever since. we're working on it. >> wow. so the feeling of want to go kill yourself, that's gone away? >> gone away, yes. i am free. i am happy. >> yes. >> free. >> and i want to say the guy he said dewitt, who helped him, yes,. >> and he returned to his
7:35 am
side. >> rushed to his side. >> he felt like towed cover himself. people are wondering why did he go to such great lent? on the cover of the daily news about this lie. >> here is the thing, too, he is a professional fighter. he was p two, i believe, seven, with two draws, with 18 knock out. so this is a tough guy. he's not a push over. and i believe, you know, with boxing really aggressive, he is from west philly, from philadelphia, anyone knows tough area coming out of west philadelphia, coming out of philadelphia, being a boxer, so this was a tough thing that he's been battling with over eight years. >> is there any side of this where i want to go up and do a gay porn, so that he can finally just admit it? because if you do pornography, it will be seen by people. >> that's what i asked him, come on, you didn't think it would come out? >> said when he got up there the producers of the movie didn't even know hoe was, so he felt like -- >> it was in new york. >> that's what he said. >> maybe it was a way of coming out? >> great job, though. >> thank you. want to see more on
7:36 am
>> yes, gluck wonderful. >> 7:35, sue, what's up? >> we've got look at bus stop buddy, and he is wearing a jacket, and has the umbrella this morning, because we've seen some showers, mover through the area. so, we have got a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers for today. whole day will be like. >> this but it is starting off rather foggy, and rather rainy, some places. not every place is getting rain. but we have cloudy skies, some rain in old sit, 58 degrees. high later 72, little sunshine, six it degrees overnight, probably fog all over again after midnight. chilly changes in the seven day forecast, coming up in just a few. bob kelly? >> good morning, 7:36. fog and rain causing delays this morning, going the foghorns blowing, put the
7:37 am
train in the up-right position. i should put it back down. probably not going to go anywhere for a little while. that's live look, at philadelphia international airport. let's go back to our jam cam. the freeway, delays from the expressway, on in toward philadelphia. south on 95, close to an hour from woodhaven, into center city. and an accident, near allegheny. pennsylvania turnpike, heavy philly bensalem over to valley forge, put about an hour on the clock there. north on the blue route, 476, heavy from delco, all the way up to the turnpike, about 43 minute trip there. and the schuylkill expressway, a mess, westbound, early morning accident out near gulf mill. casino of set the tone. we're just inching along from the boulevard all the way out through king of prussia. mike and alex being back over to you. >> hey, if you made out with carry underwood, would your wife be mad? >> that's like my what do you call that get out of home free card. my hall pass. who was best dressed last night, carrie underwood? i think maybe so. we'll go through the list and see who is best dressed at the
7:38 am
cma last night. come back.
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>> ♪ >> judge would we play justin timberlake? >> you know's song writer. >> no, here is the real reason. kit cat kline is in love with him. she's in the control room right now. >> and he's big. it is biggest's there, it is surprising. >> you're right. dose write count are you music. >> miranda lambert songs, he wrote those songs. >> talking fashion instead of the music. >> carrie underwood she was the host. >> no wonder, bob told me he watched last night. now we know why. stayed up late for. >> this she nailed every look. look at this little red and pink number. >> speaking of nailing. that's really prep. >> i like it, like peak a boo. then miranda lambert, she wore a sexy black gown by versace. >> there she is. >> look at that. okay. >> she is looking great. >> she had her pink hair there, also had some pink. and there is hanna dave us. >> she --
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>> wore this blush colored gown, lots of leg, lot of clevage. >> i would, i home the steam stress go job on that little area right there, you know what i mean? >> look at the ring that he gave her. all right now. >> hello. >> all right, we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz. >> because because jenn fred? >> you're going to be so happen when you hear this song. all right, sophia, give it to me. we will see you after the break. >> all right, here we go. off to the yellow brick road.
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>> happy birthday, michael, working this morning. we hope you have a wonderful fabulous day. i bet he has big plans later. >> does that mean there will be cake? >> let there be cake. >> no cake? okay. well, you know what in there is still time. >> hopefully someone will bring a cake. >> we told you last week all week about the rain to the south. eventually would move northwards, it has, around this morning, raining in old city right now, raining in kent county, delaware, raining across the river in gloucester and camden counties, salem count ills. delco, montgomery, bucks county, all getting little bit of rain this morning. we expect it to last on and off throughout the rest of the morning. plus, we've got poor visibility, we've had that fog problem, all day, 2 miles
7:46 am
visibility, at philadelphia international airport. even less, in wilmington and dover, delaware, that could slow you down along with the rain, so just don't be running late this morning, allow yourself a lot of time. 58 degrees in philadelphia, same, in mount pocono, we've got zero's to the north and south of us, warm spot wildwood, with 64 degrees. at the moment. so, guess what? with the average high of 60 degrees, 20 degrees above average yesterday, wasn't new record for yesterday's date but darn close. 27 degrees today. seventy-seven tomorrow. those are the last two days, in the 70s, for awhile, maybe for the rest of the year. showers, maybe lingering into saturday morning, from the cold front that's going to come through friday night. and that leaves us with a chilly change. so, sunday when we get together for the walk to ends alzheimer's, we will see a lot of bright sunshine sunday morning, but temperatures will be in the chilly 40's, but that's okay, once we get walking it will be great time.
7:47 am
we will be out there to try to find a cure for alzheimer's disease, see you sunday morning, bob kelly. >> you and i hanging out at the ballpark sunday morning, great to be part that far event. all snuggled up with our coffee and sweatshirts as we take a walk around the ballparkment snuggled here, westbound on the schuylkill, jammo from pretty much approaching the boulevard, all the way out to king of prussia. earlier accident, ben franklin frank lip stack up the tolls up and over in toward downtown here at eighth and vine. , heads lion the boulevard headed southbound down toward that schuylkill expressway. today is national man-made dinner day. >> so what are you cooking, bob? >> drilled cheese. >> oh. we know why you are. >> grilled cheese for dinner. >> chris murphy coming into make some dinner in the next hour, we do have officially
7:48 am
delays at philadelphia international airport. as far as mass transit goes, delays on both the norristown high-speed line and the paoli thorndale line. >> ♪ >> the wizards of oz favorite for fans every all ages, and now, kids from all over the area, they are performing this, jen, you're in delco. >> yes, it is pretty cool. by the way, we are here, because my favorite delco student, andrew mccarthy, we found him on the beach couple of years ago, good morning. >> good morning. >> looks to me like you got pretty significant role in this thing. >> yes, i'm very pleased with my role, very nice role. >> you are the cowardly lion. it is cool. i want you to perform with your buddies, explain this little bit. he's so good. this is a community choir. good morning, guys.
7:49 am
>> part of new jersey, delaware, so it is really a community thing. >> okay, you're holding giant circular thing. explain to me why. >> she will be making special appearance in the sky here, on our stage, at cardinal o'hara. and along with glenn did a, we have other special effect. >> you have kids flying. >> flying. they are flying across. and bringing the magic to live here at ccc. >> and they can go ahead, sing little more. we want to hear more of your singing, other than the flying, what's the heart he is logistically when we talk about the group? >> nearly 200, so getting them on and off the stage definately fun venture. >> when i see people walking out, how do you do it? it is not me.
7:50 am
it is the parent, it is the staff make it happen. >> you have grand parent here kids that were grandkids that did the costumes. they longer have grandkids and still making the costume? >> yes, amazing. >> i love it. good. so, play is tonight? >> tonight, friday, saturday, cardinal o'hara, sunday 2:00 p.m. here at cardinal o'hare a tickets are available at the door. >> i love it. tell me the truth. how is andrew doing? >> andrew is rocking. they're all doing phenominal job. andrew is a great cowardly lion, definitely going to make the audience super happy. >> love it. the catholic community choir. simply amazing. >> i was living in kansas when i watched it, so i used to think it was all about me. >> it is always all about you. >> you know, probably five years -- >> so cute. >> ♪
7:51 am
>> and who doesn't love judy garland, right? >> ♪ over the rainbow ♪ >> oh, look at you crying. you know, one movie out, mike? >> what's that? >> the wiz. >> say something to me right now? >> no. >> say it. >> it is okay. >> no, because i'm going to get trashed. >> have you ever seen the original wizard of oz? say it. >> um. i've seen clips. >> you've seen the wiz, though? >> i have seen the wiz, multiple times, in our house, i grew up on the wiz. >> you know there was original 1939 the wizard of oz? >> i do know there was an original. but i had the wiz. >> glad you were honest there. >> oh, gosh. i'm afraid to check my facebook and my twitter now. >> hole on. other people have sat where you're sitting said the same
7:52 am
thing. >> okay. >> it could be the seat. >> it could be the seat. i mean, but the wiz is good, too. ♪ ease on down the road ♪ >> i used to live, would see that, when i lived in new york. you can see that bridge on the east river, over the roosevelt island. >> it is good. >> it is a great move. >> i just wanted to out me. he has been knowing this secret, been holding ton it, just wanted to wait for the right moment. >> feels good to let it go, right? >> no, because i am sure i will be bashed here. tie shell gram, keeps tweeting me, said philly girl, moved for work, still watching us, her 30th birthday, hammy birthday. but not even following us, but -- >> she streams the show? >> maybe we don't do a shout out. >> oh, forget her. no. 7:52, come back, move to philly again. hey lauren, what's up in what are you buying? >> hey, i won't be able to get in. this line is so long. who cares that it is raining? people are still standing outside.
7:53 am
guess what the doors open in seven, eight minutes, people already here with their wrist bands, their numbers, they'll get inside. we'll talk to them. for the girl scout meeting...
7:54 am
7:55 am
for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant. at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. it's from virtually anywhere.rn of danger it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn.
7:56 am
♪ >> in a an ad for bomeh? >> i think so at h and m. >> i think i saw kendall jennifer there. definitely someone who models for them. >> officially i will not be buying any of this then. >> oh, my. bick day for fashion lovers, they are releasing their budget line at h and m for bomeh. >> high fashion, these things go over in paris. >> for like a thousand dollars, or $900. >> but h and m of course known
7:57 am
for their low prices. >> it will be like 200, 300. >> maybe as much an as 500, the most expensive. these people have been in line for day and a half at 16th and chestnut. hi, lauren, what's everybody feeling? are you ready? >> second at this -- security guards went inside. they gave people wrist bands, gave them time. pretty organize the, everyone knows what time they get to come n they only get 15 minute, one of those people, miss denise, already standing out front. tell me you got your wrist band. will he -- let me see. >> been here since 6:00. 10:25 to 10:40, you only get 15 minute inside this store. >> that's right. >> is that enough time for you? >> never enough time. we will make it work. my daughter here, we will do it together actually from north new york but came to philly because we thought we would have better shot at getting merchandise. >> you say you've been looking on time.
7:58 am
what are you going in thereafter? >> the gold necklace, and the black, like leather coat, with the gold trim. amazing, couple of dresses out standing. >> you're totally familiar with this line. are you amazed it is coming to h and m? >> definitely top designer ever involved with h and m or target or any of these places. it is incredible. >> for people who don't know the price point, this morning trying to teach mike about it back at the station, how much are we talking normally if we walk into sach's, neiman marcus, how much normally cost? >> several thousands of dollars address. some of the dresses here today are six, $700. it is incredible, price point h and m has never seen. it is amazing. >> were you surprised with how many people were here when you got here? you didn't get here too long ago, right? >> i got here around like 6:30, quarter to 7:00. a lot of people. like really cool that that many people are into it. everybody buying for whatever they can get. >> how much do you think you will spend today when you go inside? normally h and m is pretty affordable. >> i don't want my husband listening but probably couple
7:59 am
of thousand dollars. >> you will get way more than would you get normally? >> oh, my god, ya. i'll get like ten, normally would you get one item. >> you kardashian's are really big on the bran. we had discussion earlier, alex is from texas, so sometimes draws out her words. we didn't know is it bomane or -- >> with a n. >> bomane. >> we got, that now, tell me, what was i going to ask you? >> hey lauren. >> kardashian's. >> yes, mike? >> let's do countdown, because we are now 302nd away, all right? >> let's don't miss this. let's get over to the door i am a little frighten. these people like look they're going to do a hundred yard dash. they have 15 minute inside the store. >> you know it will be. >> careful. are you ready for the countdown. >> let me see. hold on. >> fifteen, 14, 13. >> guess what, there is a dj inside. >> that's exciting. >> there will be a party. >> hold on. nine, eight, seven, i don't
8:00 am
care about him. five, four, three, two, one. >> there is no one opening it yet. i'll tell when you they open it. >> this is something. >> hold on. >> i know, i'll tell you guys, i can see. just hang out. >> they seem real patient though. >> those umbrellas, might poke an eye out. >> are you going in with the first group? >> second group. >> what time do you go in? >> 8:25. >> you have your eye on something already? >> couple things. >> i like there is men out here. normally you think women shopping event. >> what are you going in for? >> couple of blazers, some pants. >> i know some people what they would do go on to the website look up what will be there and pick out what they want. all do you have do is go in, grab it, they know what they are looking for. >> and know where it is. >> alex guess what? earlier today when was hanging out with you and mike in the studio, i went on the win site. it crashed. h and m broke the internet today with this. >> don't be smiling at me. open that door.
8:01 am
>> not fair. >> come on, people. why it will happen in a second. >> okay? >> while we watch this i ' tell you what's coming up here on the show in just a bit. hold on a second. we have layoffs, couple of different companies in the area, we will tell but that, not only journalists but people working up in the lehigh valley so a lot of people will be without a job. talk about that then list by forbes magazine has come out. the most powerful people in the world. number one, number two, it is not the president of the united states, leader of the free worm. and then, we have this, weird, weird story. there was woman who was trying to get over her morning sickness after she goal press than the, so starts drinking tea. and because she drank tea while pregnant she may lose custody of her baby. it is a weird story.
8:02 am
oh, be calm everybody. >> candice, it is happening. >> showing most wrist bands. >> let's see if the photographer actually goes in. >> see if they let them in. >> does very a wrist band. >> not exactly a fashion east that. >> oops, another wrist band. >> oh, look at the media. what about media? >> no? >> ya, you. you main stream media. >> oh, we're never getting in. >> no? >> only few, 15 maybe? >> at a time. >> look, he is dancing, like ya. >> ya. >> oh, looks like he is with the store, wearing balmne shirt. >> oh, look out. >> it is a house party. >> noel's in the house. >> oh. >> all right. well, hey, candy cane in the control room, can you put one thing they are looking for? i'm not sure what this stuff
8:03 am
is. >> it is it is like dresses and has studs ton. >> and men's clothes. >> yes. >> here we go. >> oh, elaborate stuff. >> yes. >> oh, look at that. >> not playing around here. >> that oh, couture. >> yes, the budget line. >> not allowed to smile when you are wearing those clothes. >> oh. there is no eating or smiling in these clothes. >> here is the thing, if i waited that long, right, this is such a collection, that everybody want a piece of, i wait in the line, i get, in i have it, where are you going to wear it to? because when i wear it i'll wear it to somebody fabulous, i want everybody to see. >> i don't go to anything that i could wear that. >> where are you going to wear that. >> avenue bedazzler at home, i'll make you something at home. >> if that's the budget line there is will be like the budget budget line. >> here is another thing we've heard b this is cold season coming up. right? could these supplement you take the reason you will be sick?
8:04 am
>> to keep from getting snuck. >> new medical study out this morning, before you take the sum len meant this morning, listen to this. first, weather and traffic. >> start with the number of the day. not ten like yesterday. it is a seven. pretty rainy in some places but it will get better. bus stop buddy with the umbrella, fog, showers out there, temps in the 50's, 60s, we have the rain right over us here in philadelphia. in delaware county, across the river, in new jersey, and also up in montgomery and bucks counties, as well. so they are widely scattered showers, not everybody is seeing rain. but we are right here. 58 degrees. calm winds, fog around this morning, we get to high later on 72 degrees. tonight the fog forms all over again, it will be mild night, with lows in the lower 60s, chilly changes, coming for the weekend, we will have details in the seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> sue, 8:04. accident on 422 westbound side, inbound on 4221 long
8:05 am
line from royersford all the way in, the travel times, pennsylvania turnpike just under hour, philly over to valley forge, the whether you route, and even hour delay from 95 all the way up well over an hour, westbound on the schuylkill because of accident, out near gulph mills. and here is a example of the ben franklin, oh, one of those days you want to turn around, head back home. >> westbound dealing with the fog, dealing with the rain, we have delays at philly international, south on 95 stack up out of the northeast, look out in the work zones, as well, weather delays, at the airport, probably going to be with us through the day, so check with the airline before you head on down there. delays on bypass, even eastbound lanes of 422 stack up from royersford, into kop. >> apparently lay when they'll do because it is raining, they're letting a lot of people in, right, lauren?
8:06 am
>> check it out, running, got to go. look at this. they know exactly what they want. >> look at that! >> look at the crowd going crazy! >> there is not going to be anything left for the people outside. just first group. >> stripped clean. >> i guess you're also living on items, lauren, do you know? >> two items in. >> here is what i just heard, yes, i heard her say two item for everyone, so people grabbing several things, because we've seen on twitter people saying they went in and got stuff and posted it on ebay, trying to sill it, letting people only get two items, but they are racking up. >> that's going to be a mess. look at them grabbing these piles. how do you know if it is your size? >> plus if you only get two, why does that guy have five? >> look at that one rack in the front, guys, already cloned off. you see that? >> yes. >> look at that. you have to be quick. >> look at that green outfit.
8:07 am
alex? >> i saw that dress on instagram, mike. i can't afford it, mike. >> okay. >> well that will be going on for the next couple of hours if you happen to be walking by 16th and chestnut. that's a hub. candy cane? here we go. chris murphy, wait for this lift every year. people who make the most money, that forbes dilineates, it is the most powerful people in the world. >> yes. and not the most likes, either. right? so 73 people on this list, president barack obama, came in third on the list, he dropped down a spot from last year, the magazine says, while the united state remains the word's largest country, the president is in his last year, and so his influence is shrinking. so, knocking the president down a notch, is germany's chancellor, angela american he will, gained point for her strong leadership through grease's debt crisis and the syrian refugee crisis you will remember specially from over in the summer. topping the list for the third consecutive year, russian
8:08 am
president, vladmeere pete end, magazine said putin continues to prove he is one of the few men in the world powerful enough to do whatever he want. get away with it. mike anal he can also on the list, pope francis. came in at number four, presidential candidate hillary clinton she was 58, husband bill clinton, 64. so donald trump right stealing all of the headlines during this election cycle, he is at number 72. he beat world health organization director, margaret chan. >> athletes not a celebrity, putin do anything he want, invaded ukraine for goodness sake. >> kind of like time magazine man of the year. >> yes, then american he will with financial crisis and president owe bamm a i think they got it right. >> he held the it together. >> chris murphy, thank you, chris. >> because lot of people saying wow all of the stuff going on, they didn't do this much when the president came. interesting, though, he was
8:09 am
still underneath president obama. >> well -- >> because he is world leader. >> but maybe not so much a political leader. >> why can't he get things changed. by now you heard blake shelton and gwen stefani have coupled up. they confirmed it yesterday. >> what? they admitted? >> yep. in the next hour we talk about when is too early to move on watch divorce, or after long-term relationship in they didn't wait long. >> show you how more than 40 companies are working to hire our veterans coming up after the break.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> your thursday morning, casino of gray thursday morning, that's why we're having some fun on social media. on my facebook page, we talk about the fact that it is umbrella time. for many of us this morning. we're also having some fun
8:13 am
with high coup and how to tell that your doggy loves you. all available for perusal and comment on sue serio fox 29. that's on facebook. now, let's lock at our rain, that's moving through the area, all came up from the south, that storm, that stayed away from us, monday, tuesday and wednesday, it is finally here. so you see some rain moving through kent county, delaware, all the way across the bay, to new jersey, and here in the philadelphia area, it is light rain, just enough to be annoying. philadelphia, delco, montgomery, bucks county, and in camden, new jersey, it is raining as well. visibility has been issue this morning, only a mile, at philadelphia international airport. 2 miles in pottstown, 3 miles in allentown, reduced visibility in dover, and wilmington, pretty foggy there, as well. fifty-eight in philadelphia, we have 06 in wilmington, so ankle long with the rain,
8:14 am
milder air is moving, in we just have to see how much sunshine we get, but we should get enough to get to 72 degrees. even more friday, the record high for friday's date, the sixth, is 79 degrees. it was set in 1948. we could get close to that, maybe tie it, break it, but then just when you are getting used to the 70s, the big chill congresses in weekend, saturday high of 63, sunday high 56. even with sunshine, and then it warms back up mid 60s we veterans day next week. so, bob kelly, a lot of folks having some trouble in this bad weather. >> yes, been rough mess this morning. started with fog, rain came through, now the accident, pick a road, any road. major jam. new accident ridge road up near the overpass. not far from the plymouth meeting mall. delays on the turnpike, from the dealt delaware valley
8:15 am
interchange. well over an hour. accident on the boulevard at southampton in front of the arm rip. roving crews will hit 95 later on today. they made a mess yesterday. they are going to be working between the airport all the way up into northeast philadelphia. watch delays 9:00 to 2:00 up and down i95. they are a combination cleaning out the drains, picking up all of the trash that accumulates along the shoulder of the roadway. ninety-five, northeast philadelphia, on down bumper to bumper, woodhaven down to girard. there is your speedometer reading again that's nine the a, the schuylkill expressway, well over an hour into and out of the city. delays at philadelphia international airport, because of the rain and the fog this morning. mike anal he can being back over to you. >> bob, so disheartening when our service people come back from iraq, afghanistan, can't finds jobs. we'll try to help them out today. dozens of employers on hand in bensalem today look to go hire some of our heroes. casino of they call it the salute to service job fair.
8:16 am
>> dave, live at parx casino, just getting ready, just getting started? >> that's right, our veterans do so much for us, all too often so hard for them to find work once they come back from overseas, or come back from duty here. this is the salute, join byron davey, community and development here, just tell me how important this event is and what's happening here today with more than 40 companies here, to hire our veterans. >> that's correct. just so proud to be part of a team of people from the community to reach out to our veterans, part of the program all year around, parks engaged when our veterans, whether they need help, finding jobs, the veterans happen to be homeless, we have stand-down presence, with that, but also, with the veterans who are like the older veterans, take them to washington, give them great show, bring them back.
8:17 am
but we are happy, and honored to give back, because, they have given all to us. we're very honored to be here. and having a team of people by rodney wyeth, who is the chair of this process. lower bucks chamber, fantastic team effort. >> showing the views some of the vendors getting set up here. >> this event going to graph inning, runs from 8:00, so little bit after our time now, to 2:00 here at parks east racetracks, 3,001 street road bensalem. you guys also have event going on saturday. just tell us about that, as well. >> just part every again continuous program inside our casino, where have a program of basically giving and incentive to give it the to the veterans multi service center me, comings be part of t to those veterans who need jobs, i ask you to come in, be part of this, we certainly would be happy to refer you to
8:18 am
the right people on our staff, 45 veterans, so happy to have as part of our team. please come, be part of it. >> very personal to the veterans, part of the teamwork g on this. we always say thank you for your service to our veterans, this is just yet another big, big way to say thank you. >> yes, it is. and i must commends fox 29 for all of their help, their ways of honoring the veterans, part of the veterans outreach a few weeks ago. we thank you for that. >> we thank you for ac part of. that will we also thank our sponsors, parx casino, and the lower bucks chamber, so many groups here come on down, guys, 8:00 to 2:00. back to you. >> so underway -- >> should always be thinking about there is veterans day is next week, november 11. still all of the time think about helping out our veterans. >> great job fair. >> this story, people asking me on twitter (would woman lose custody of her brand new baby simply because she was drinking tea during her pregnancy in now i have found
8:19 am
out, what type of tea she watts drinking. soy maybe i change my tune thon. >> plus call her superhero. tennis great serena williams proving she has chops on and off the court watcher she did when a guy tried to steel her phone. >> one more look. >> went in there to get the number one item they want. >> i got a tweet from a guy there is a jacket everybody is looking for, all trying to grab. but only have few, mike. >> it is michael jackson-ish. >> yes, from s money. thank you, s money. >> plane black tee? >> no, logo on it. >> oh, okay. >> oh, man, the fog is not lifting, and it is raining pretty heavily in some spots. by the way that is the airport.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
8:23 am
>> we hope to see you there sunday at september send bank park, walk to end alzheimer's. >> the weather, sue? >> it will be sunny. it will be chilly but sunny. >> odd story out of ohio, mom, fight to go regain custody after the state takes away her brand new baby. >> so, this, after byproducts of marijuana was found when the child went to the bathroom. so holly said she did reserve on the internet looking for ways to cope with morning sickness, she having some nerve pain. she determined on her own that marijuana tea was safe. and she maintains her baby, nova, was born healthy. her lawyer says the hospital never asked permission to take sample from the baby ankles
8:24 am
they have no reason to conduct the test on their own. >> hold on. i've never heard after baby taking a urine test? so maybe it was her urine test? >> from the baby once i think they found out she was drinking marijuana tea? >> welshing babe advice to use the rest room. >> i know how they got it. >> yes? >> i just never heard after baby taking an urine test? >> you have got to find a way, if it is in the baby's system. >> i know all that. >> i know you never heard of it. >> but they must have figured out that she was taking it, maybe she admitted to a doctor, well, we better see if the baby has effect of the marijuana tea. i'll be darn, they took the baby away from her. we'll keep track of the story fee she gets the baby back. listen up, if you if you drink two wyeth coax per day, new study fine small serving or regular diet soda, can do major damage to urine hard. >> so research tracked the health of more than 40,000 swedish men for 12 years, and they found that men who drank
8:25 am
at least two sodas a day had 23% hire risk of going into heart failure. that happens when the heart gross too week, to meet the body ' needs. >> i shouldn't have said diet coke. these are all diet drinks. >> my mother for awhile she had to have a coke like that was at least a coke a day, tried to limit herself, she really loved coke. >> my sister susan was hook on pepsi. >> yes? >> yes, off it now, and doing fine. >> wonderful. >> a cough he, cough there, then you start sneezing and sniffing. >> that time of the year. but could the supplement you take to keep your immune system up make you feel better, could they be the reason you are actually getting sick? could this be possible? >> and there they are. we're not doing this test. we have a doctor in. >> so did you watch it last night? a lot of people d empire. >> yes, they d the first family of music and drama last time did i my empire recap.
8:26 am
don't give things away. i didn't. you guys have to trust me. but soon would be are talking about empire, let's discuss, alex holley fox 29 on twitter, on facebook, i love chatting with you guys, because i'm confused about some things from last night's episode. are you? >> ♪
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> ladies, turn to your man, say make me some dinner. it is national men make dinner day. wait until you see what chris is cooking up for the fox i ladies in the studio, mike, are you doing anything? seriously. >> i'm the sue shelf. he'll make you dinner and jenn fred dinner. >> what? i'm take it. >> over the next hour, it should be real horrifying. >> it is effort. seems though everyone now, since we're get to go that time of year, they're coughing and sniffing, and sneezing,
8:30 am
and like oh, get away, get away from me. would will take -- we will talk about what you need to do. >> boost your immune system, should we be doing that or maybe -- >> well, tell you this, i walk by gmc almost every day because it is close it my apartment. i have to go in there, got to start taking supplement, that will ward off the cold. >> know some fast, doctor erush from over at children's hospital of pennsylvania, one of the best hospitals in the world. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> you would be in pharmacy? >> i am in pharmacy. >> do you have a lot of people coming up to you i want to boost my immune system? >> absolutely. people very focused on being well, at this time of year everyone is getting sick so they all want to prevent. >> co-workers, whenever he covers, oh, gosh, now i have to get something it, will come to me. she? >> doctor, avenue question, please be honest. >> yes? >> do you take supplement? >> i absolutely do not. >> absolutely do not.
8:31 am
why not? >> the supplement industry in the united states is obama sedgley unregulated industry. a lot of people think they are the same of medications the fda reviews them, none of. that will so real questionable concern out there about the quality of supplement throughout. >> let's go through them. vitamin c if. >> he can nausea, pro by the i can, people take to boost their immune system. >> vitamin c i am big on, i have something like this in my house, i take it all the time. >> good, good. >> is it good? >> it goose if it has the uspc seal. worried about the quality of supplement of the the only way to verify whether they are safe to take is to uspv verified, determine what's in the booth. >> if that seal is not on the label do not get it. >> i would not take it if you do not see that seem. >> he can nausea debated for 25 years now in this country. if you take this, it will blow away a cold, you will never get a cold. >> because -- again, because
8:32 am
the fda does not proof before the products go on the market, it might. but we don't know for sure if that's true. >> would it hurt you? >> well, if it is not a quality product it, could potentially hurt you. >> like how? >> well, a lot of products are out there are because the fda doesn't regulate them, there are unfortunately she is ers out, there out to make a buck, and some of these products are contaminated when back tear crashes funk us. >> what's this? same thing. >> same sort of thing. >> what's this? >> pro by the i can. same sort of thing. any of these products not usp verified. >> what about the chewable vitamins? >> those are gum us. >> what is it when it comes to that? i know some people oh, it is for kids, recently the fact they are doing adult, you know, gum is, really have the same effect compared to taking the pill? >> should potentially have the same effect. but again because the fda doesn't regulate them, can't guarantee them. >> i'm a gumm were. person. >> a the love people are, have trouble swallowing the tablets. >> what about the thing the
8:33 am
teacher invent philadelphia? >> the airplane one? >> airborne. >> airborne. >> airborne, and i believe that is the zinc product. and that's something that has been demonstrate today potentially shorten the duration after cold. >> zinc lose end, any good? >> if you have a cold it might potentially. >> an emergency? >> emergency is essentially gigantic doses of vitamin c. >> but you have to be careful about? >> again do you have worry about dosing, because these products again aren't evaluated by the fda. not sure what the right dose is. >> thank you so much. >> before you take any supplement, contact your doctor first. >> yes. >> she doesn't take supplement. >> that's saying something. >> it said everything to me. 8:33, hey, sue. >> foggy all morning, we've had rainout side our window for about an hour, hour and half now. bus stop buddy says you have the rain gear nearby, at least for this morning, because some showers are around. now, for today, we have temperatures in the 60s, throughout the rest of the morning. temperatures are rising, even though not seeing sunshine.
8:34 am
warmer air is moving in. so by noon, maybe a few peaks of sun here and there, 66 degrees, and high temperature of 72 later on, so it will be another warm one. we will find out when the chill comes when we bring you that seven day forecast, oh, bob kelly, are things getting any better throughout? >> tempers are hot out there on the schuylkill expressway. barely moving. >> last two hours, one lane open westbound out near henderson road. anyone trying to get out to or through king of prussia, well over an hour. from center city all the way out to gulph mills. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound near norristown, close to an hour on the turnpike there, from philly, all the way over, delays at philadelphia international airport, this morning, because of the fog, and the rain, so just rough go all around the board. mike and alex, back to you. >> thank you so much.
8:35 am
well, we told you if men make dinner day. i guess we should say men attempt to go make dinner day. >> how do you turn this darn thing on? >> mike having little bit every trouble. where is chris murphy? you are just the sue chef. >> it will be fine. >> so men get early start. warning you now, your woman will come to you and say it is time for to you make me some dinner. >> i don't know thousand turn this thing on. >> don't worry, chris murphy has the recipe, a recipe that even men can do. even mike can do, i mean. judge are. >> not the picture a thousand words, it is the face. everyone knows about the whole duck face thing, right? but new look, new animal, that we're imitating now. it will be in all of the selfies. we'll show you. >> chris, can you plows help mike, please?
8:36 am
grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands.
8:37 am
and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
8:38 am
8:39 am
at least it is not cold out, that's the good news, hopefully the sun will come out soon. did you know it is national men make dinner day. so ladies, go ahead, check the fellows, your cousin, your dad, let them nope, it is time for too make dinner tonight. get you ready we have chris murphy, attempt to go make them dinner and make me dinner but let's hope that they can do it. >> alec here is the thing, i've been to mike's apartment couple times, he literally has nothing in his fridge but bottled water. so i'll teach you thousand cook this meal. my favorite to cook. my kids all they eat is fried chicken flyers be this look chicken parmesian, so we have three bowls here. we start with a little flour in this bowl. okay? >> coy get it just off my jacket. >> our mess. a lot of it actually. let's do a lot.
8:40 am
yes, there go. >> okay? >> can you crack aer? >> of course i can. >> you like hard boiled eggs, right? we'll have you beat this egg real quick. while beating the ago, get it like scrambled eggs. just around and around and around. and we do some of this. italian season, we'll do chicken parm sane. look at that nicely done. >> so whale ' do now, steel your fork, we only have one. this is "good day philadlephia", we have the budget for one fork. can you stop? >> okay, we will continue to do this, is her of this probably in the 9:00 hour to jennaphr frederick and alex hollow. >> are you sure you guys know what you are doing, snow. >> i think he does, i do. we we start here, there, there, put it in the pan and fry it up. >> weren't woe supposed to put it in the egg first? >> no. >> we'll let them figure it out. guys, i hope you get it together.
8:41 am
do i have to eat it? >> oh, you will love it. you'll be begging us for more, girlfriends. >> still rolling along this morning on good day, but do have big show for you tomorrow. >> we all love master chef juniorment back tomorrow night here on fox. some of the local contestant, they are from our area, these kids are amazing. and they're going to join us tomorrow morning in studio to show off their culinary skills. so we're excited to r that, don't want to miss t these kids are amazing. >> i hope the hot plate works. >> we want to make this romantic dinner, we will have a fire, tablecloth. >> wouldn't a -- >> candlelight dinner. >> we'll get some candles. >> fireplace dinner, mike? >> miles davis music. >> oh, wonderful, some kenny g, yeah. so you don't want to miss this
8:42 am
meal. finished product if you want to call that meal. first your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
8:43 am
8:44 am
whatever life throws your way, you've got it in the bag. you've got t.j. maxx! keep your standards high, and your spending low. maxx life!
8:45 am
>> just about 8:45, here are some of your weather heed lines for this thursday. visibility less than 1 mile, in some areas, this morning. so, it is a figure start, and it is rainy start in some places, scattered showers, are moving through this morning, and two more days in the seven's, the autumn chill returns this weekend. here is a quick look at the rain, and where it is, and where it isn't. moving into the jersey shore, starts to go mover out of the philadelphia area, but we still have some fog around, still have some rain, and our high temperature today, in with all of that, still going to be in the 70s, 70s tomorrow, as well. chill high temperature only 56 degrees. then back to the mid 60s, alex and mike, by veterans day wednesday. >> you know the very first veterans day parade, philadelphia's never had one, it will be this sunday. >> unbelievable. >> what? >> wow, about time. 8:45. >> we want to tell but gala coming up. it is the lifesavers gale a,
8:46 am
put up picture, honoring our friend, huey dillon being honored, the lowe's hotel and he's graciously asked me to be host, so i am honored to do so. we want you to come out, lower the suicide rate by 2025, help by coming out, proceeds will be donated, but this is for the american foundation for suicide prevention. it will be great night. it is next week. get your tickets, if you want to see the linc go on my twitter alex holley fox 29. i just tweeted out the linc. you can get ticket. it will be a celebration, celebrate life, celebrate away nerve. >> beautiful room there at the lowe's hotel, i will be there november the 14th, saturday. >> we will see you there. >> so put up the picture first if you don't mind. okay. >> so yesterday afternoon, keys i mcdonnell, used to do traffic here, there was kansas city parade, right?
8:47 am
so, she text me this picture, and then put it on the -- on stain gram. so there she is with her boyfriend, what's his shirt say? >> part wolf. >> oh, that's great. >> i like that. >> i believe that's the owner of the team holding the world series trophy, then the most valuable player, perez there, with his girlfriend, and casey, they boarded private jet sent by jimmy fallon, said come on over to new york as fast as you can, we will put you on the show. so, eric who ishosmer her boyfriend, on the show last knit. >> etta he's see some of it. >> there it is. >> oh, that's a gift. that's common things in sport, got zero gatorade bath, just cold cold water put it on jimmy fallon. then kacie got to be in the audience there, put them back on the jet, and i think she is working this morning. how about that. >> she probably hasn't had any life. >> all of that life. all of that by 25, private jet, chris murphy,er? >> never. but food no better than that jet than it is here this
8:48 am
morning. >> this better be better than airplane food. >> it will be fantastic. >> fun toy see him in a chef coat. >> explain what we're doing here? >> okay. national men make dinner. >> i had to be invented by woman. >> of course. >> so what are you making? >> chicken parmesian, okay? so the cheese part, the parmesian part might be the challenge. but we will get her done. now look. >> i hope so. >> chicken parm son. >> there is elliot providing the camera shot. >> one of the secrets here real thin piece of chicken. and then low heat. can't have your oil too hot. you will get it black on the outside, raw in the middle. >> now real -- so you've beaten the chicken? >> no, i actually lucked out. one of the super markets i went to, they had it beaten for me. >> okay. >> yes. >> and so -- >> who did the beating? >> thin, thin chicken here, this is fun. so again, we will take our chicken, we will put it in the
8:49 am
flour first, not the egg first. >> interesting. >> flour first, right? get good coating on each each side. then we bathe it in the scrambled egg. now mike did you fine job of scrambling the eggs. >> it is an egg bath. then we just throw it in there. how easy can that be? >> now not to be picky or anything, you what are the sides? are we just having chicken here? song vegtables. >> oh, you're so demanding. >> i just want full bald meal. >> i brought bread. we make sandwiches, too. >> i guess that will work. >> i like green on my plate. >> we're dudes, we go right to the meat. >> i wouldn't push it, alex. >> ya? >> when is the last time you cook for me. >> okay, i'm done, i'm done. >> this smells fantastic, extra virgin olive oil. >> oh, vegtables? i like green beans, broccoli? >> ridiculous.
8:50 am
>> aid flower accident -- flour accident it, blue up on me. >> quincy, cooking from your family tonight? >> oh, ya. >> we will ask him that. you know, salvation army has big deal today. >> that's right. it starts today. we will go to him next. >> look at it starting to bubble. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> ♪ >> boy, looks like it is raining kind of hard there in in the poconos, ring by mel, what? >> yes, so tis the season to start seeing the red kid l bells, salvation army. >> not these kind? >> no, work out bells. >> salvation army? >> yes, little bells. it is the red kettles. >> that's where you put your donations. >> he can actually right. quincy harris, tell us all
8:54 am
about it, hey, quincey? >> hey, guys. i'm kettle bet l ringer. >> right? >> sure. >> kettle bell ringer, kettle bell ringer, kettle bell ringer. >> we have philip how are you doing from the salvation army? >> very well. how are you? >> good. we see you guys every year. it is about that time. right? >> we are getting started now today the kettle kick off for salvation army, closer we get to thanksgiving the more of our red kettles see out in the streets, people volunteering, to reach out, and help us to do the most good in people's lives. >> you guys have an event, today? >> our event today is in the foot court of the bellevue hotel, our kettle kick off. have soup there from our soup's on culinary program, we will have celebrities there from around the area here. and we will get it started on a good note here, hoping that we will have a very successful kettle bell ringing season. >> give me the technique? i've been out here running ago bell, you told me don't touch people. >> i don't want you to touch people. no, no, no, what you should
8:55 am
do, position yourself right near the cuddle here. so the people know that you're with the kettle. you do smile. >> do you have -- >> give monday. >> i no, don't ask him. they see the kettle there, although seems to have work here. >> see? >> look at this, look at this. >> people see the red kettle and they know whether it is there, so greet people with a good morning, good afternoon, how are you today? with a smile. little movement there is a good thing. >> i'm supposed to stay straight. >> why you have this outfit and they have outfit. >> i'm an officer in the salvation army, ordained minister with administrative responsibilities for the salvation arm any philadelphia. >> okay. >> okay? so technically i'm major, you are a volunteer. >> i'm volunteer. >> you snow we put the volunteer clothes on you. we put the visibilities on me.
8:56 am
>> no problem. a lot of people don't give icon tact, may not have money on them. >> another way to go, fa on line red kettle. can dot text to share. there is all kind of ways that people can donate to the salvation army. >> okay, well, guys, it is that season. i'll do some more. let me do some more. hey, how are you doing? how are you doing? all right, that's the way to do it. thank, guys. >> greet them nicely. >> so many viewers, casino every fun. four minute before 8:00. did i that the backward way. >> i think want her to call her now a superhero. serena williams proving she got chops on and off the court, what happened when a guy tried to steel her phone. guys, i have to admit, starting to smell good. >> is it going to burn? >> you can't walk away from it, chris. >> i got to change the music, putting on little miles davis, pouring some red wine.
8:57 am
>> men make dinner day. >> look at that. >> looks pretty good and smells good. >> smells fantastic. >> i think the girls, the ladies, of our house, will love this. >> yes, they are. alex, are you going to eat this?
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> good day everybody, it is thursday, november the fifth, 2015. beautiful jennaphr frederick is here. >> oh, some jill scott. >> nothing wrong with that. >> you know, so national men make dinner day. >> yes. >> and so they're making chicken panel son. >> chris murphy is attempting. >> and i'm his sue chef. and probably is going to sue mement and i had a flower accident -- flour accident right off the top. so i'm mess. >> smells good. here is the thing, chicken panel son. some of the guys are weighing on twitter right now. guy named mel tweeted us, oh, i made chicken parmesian last week. so is it going to look like this? because i want it t


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